Shamanic Reiki assists in releasing energetic, spiritual, emotional and physical blockages that can often prevent you from living your life fully.

Sacred Sex & Body Love Coaching seeks to bring erotic connection to your body and spirit.

Spiritual Live Coaching can also be provided to deepen the healing process.  I can assist and guide you toward personal and spiritual growth and re-connecting to who you are.

I am also available for commitment ceremonies, weddings and pre-ceremony counseling.


Because I knew Maisha to have tremendous knowledge surrounding spiritual and sacred sexuality, I decided to explore her talents as a client.  Before our session, we discussed everything that she was going to do and she was extremely easy to talk to about my own personal goals and what I wanted for myself.  The first time she did work on me, she did Reiki and was able to spot the energy that needed to move throughout my body.  The second time I had work from her, she spotted where I needed the energy to move in my body and was able to do that with several different techniques.  I had a total spiritual awakening where I saw my ancestors and experienced an enlightenment that I had never experienced before.  I literally felt all the electricity running through my body and this prompted me to get my body moving in ways that I had not experienced before.  It allowed me to jumpstart on my goals for my business, body and really pay attention to what my higher self was telling me.  Maisha is an amazing healer with gifts that can benefit us all.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs healing, who needs prompting/pushing and even those who are skeptical about spiritual and sacred sexuality work.  -Marla Renee Stewart, MA founder of Velvlet Lips, LLC


The night before my astrological reading with Maisha I prayed to Spirit to help me overcome my internal and external obstacles so that I could be of service to the planet.  What was illuminated to me during my reading was Spirit's answer to that prayer! Decades old patterns that have troubled me were identified and the path to moving beyond those patterns were revealed to me. Where I used to see burdens and challenges, I now see opportunity and possibility. Even more, Maisha's expertise coupled with her non-judgmental and open approach created a dynamic and unforgettable conversation.

- Monique Meadows


I count my work with Maisha among my most transformative wellness experiences.  In addition to all the traits you'd expect of a great practitioner--skillfulness, empathy, passion for her work--she offers an unparalleled versatility of knowledge.  I know of no other Metro-Atlanta practitioners who are able to simultaneously meet my wellness needs emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Each session was comprehensive, yet no two sessions were identical.  Maisha's assortment of empowering techniques helped me grow my self-understanding and confidence.  Through work with her, I uncovered a wealth of personal power.  I have recommended Maisha to a number of friends and I will continue to do so in the future.

- Amber


The Spiritual Consulting and Reiki session with Maisha was a life changing experience. Definitely a 5 star rating and I highly recommend seeing her even if you don't feel like anything is "wrong" with you. Maisha creates a peaceful & soothing atmosphere which is felt the moment you enter her space. Her ability to communicate makes it easy to talk about topics you normally might keep to yourself. Her hands-on techniques felt better than cold water on a hot summer day. I was a little skeptical at first but her ability to read my body and tell me things that were impossible for her to know made me a believer. She's awesome!

- Travis


Ms. Aza exceeded my expectations.  She is a natural at what she does, I believe that she is a genuine person and healer. I appreciated her personality and her professionalism.  I wanted to try Reiki as a pathway to healing energetically, and I also chose Sacred Intimacy Coaching because of Ms. Aza's generous spirit and her honest and open manner. She made me feel very comfortable. She was very attentive and she listened closely. I have had some Spiritual Consulting work in the past, but I had always wanted to try Reiki and enjoyed the experience. The Reiki was very relaxing during the time she worked with me. Her space was very comfortable and inviting. She told me that afterwards I would experience some energetic or emotional release. I didnt realize that I was carrying so much around inside of myself. I am glad to have that off of me. I left feeling lighter and better than I had in quite a while. I am very pleased with her work.  I would recommend her services to anyone and I am looking forward to doing more work with her in the future.

- V. West







Have you found yourself in a sexual rut lately? 

Do you desire to live a more authentic and orgasmic life?  

Do you seek deeper integration of your spiritual, sexual, mental, physical and emotional worlds?

Do you desire to be more embodied?

The answers to all of the above lies within you.  I can help you access the deeper you, and assist you in sharing your light with your partner(s) and with the world. Experience yourself in a whole new way!

Life is filled with daily distractions that take us away from oursleves and often lead us to live inauthentically without even realizing it.  This causes stress and tension and a disconnect between body, mind and spirit.  Which can also lead to a disconnect from our sexual part of ourselves, the part that gives us renewed energy and creativity! Now is the time to reconnect to your body, mind and spirit and connect to your life force energy.  Through energetic body work, sacred sexual intimacy coaching, spritual life coaching, experiential workshops and spiritual ceremonies I can assist you in connecting to your higher self, bare witness to the power of your own sexual energy and experience your life authentically alive!  Are you dedicated to yourself and ready to do the inner work it takes to heal?

I specialize in Sexual Healing work through Tantra Sacred Intimacy, Body Love Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching and Shamanic Reiki (see FAQ's).  These comprehensive and experiential sessions can include spiritual counseling, body love coaching, rieki, embodiment exercises, womb healing, sacred spot massage, scar tissue work, sensual massage, chakra alignment and more.  With guidance from the ancestors, I access the realms of the known and unknown, to help you connect to your inner self, your inner sensuality and your erotic potential - using erotic exploration and experiential body awareness exercises.

Black Girl Tantra brings to the surface your inner light and beauty, your soul essence and connection to your body, your heart, your ancestors and your sensuality.  Black girl Tantra addresses the ways that your social identities impact your life, and how acknowleding and exploring them can lead to your erotic healing.  Your creativity and potency is directly connected to your sexuality and sensuality and your power- your 1st (Root) and 2nd (Pelvic) and 3rd (Solar Plexus) Chakras - and continues on up through the higher chakras to the point of exquisite spiritual transformation and connection to the universe.  This connection, this oneness, begins in the realm of the body and ascends to the realm of the spirit! Our spirit is housed in our body.  We must physically work with the body in order to reach wholeness and spiritual awakening and enlightenment, and your ancestors will lead the way!

All that is required is that you open your heart and mind and be ready to do the personal inner work it takes to practice and transform yourself, using sacred sexuality and Tantric principles.

If you are seeking to obtain better orgasms, longer orgasms, more orgasms, and a creative and vibrant sex life this is the journey to getting there.  If you are seeking to be more connected to yourself you are right where you need to be.  It is a journey that you must be willing to take.  This is not a quick fix, but a sensual quest for inner knowledge and body/soul wisdom that will take you on a fantastic adventure of awakening and self discovery!

I am an ordained Ministerial Tribal Shaman High Priestess, A Tantra Sacred Intimacy coach, spiritual life coach, sacred sex & body love coach and Shamanic Reiki II practitioner. I provide experiential sacred sexuality workshops in the community; and sacred sex and intimacy circles for you and your friends, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  I am also available for pre-ceremony sacred sex and body love coaching, commitment ceremonies, weddings, life celebrations, memorial services, funerals, rituals, other rites of passage, house blessings and more. Each session or ceremony is custom-made to fit your specific needs and concerns. It is a co-creation between you, Spirit and myself. Click the "about" tab, at the top of this page, to learn more about me.

My passion and spiritual calling is to assist people with their goals of self-healing, self-knowledge, sexual healing and transformation! Call me today for:



Please feel free to email or call me to set up your complimentary 30 minute consultation.  Sessions are available in person, skype, google hangout or phone. or 312-259-6391.