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A Life Alive will help you customize a memorable ceremony that meets your needs and incorporates your values, goals, rituals and spiritual beliefs.  I am a sex-positive minister, specializing in commitment ceremonies, civil unions and weddings.  I perform ceremonies for monogamous and poly-amorous couples.  I am an ordained tribal shaman ministerial high priestess and my spiritual background is rooted in earth-based spiritual practices. I am open to working with people from all spiritual backgrounds, because in the end, it’s all about what feeds your soul.



Pre-ceremony/pre-wedding counseling is an important addition to any wedding or commitment ceremony. Many people choose to have a counseling session to enhance their overall wedding/commitment ceremony experience. The session is an excellent way for me to support you in your committed sacred partnership or married life. We will talk about your relationship, communication, conflict resolution, finances, sexual relationship, parenting, co-parenting, spiritual beliefs and more. I recommend at least three sessions before the ceremony, so that we have something to build on. This will strengthen your love and commitment to one another and prepare you for the big day. A Life Alive recognizes and honors all types and ranges of consentual relationships, cultures, abilities, backgrounds, sexualities, gender identities, representations, and spiritualities.


Are you changing your name? In many cultures a name is very important, has meaning and shapes who you will become. Whether you are changing your name because you want to share your partner'spartners' last name; or you have found a name that better suits you, physically, energetically or spiritually. A Life Alive can help solidify and strengthen your new name in a memorable naming ceremony that will bring meaning and purpose to this important transition.  Naming ceremonies can also be done for new children in your life whether conceived by you or adopted. Ceremonies are tailored for each individual’s needs.


A cord cutting ceremony is for that someone or something that you need to let go of. You’ve done lots of work to let go of this thing, person, or entity and no matter what you do, it still seems to have a hold on you. A cord cutting ceremony is a symbolic yet powerful spiritual ceremony to release that which no longer serves you.  An energetic cord cutting can be similar to the way a baby is cut from the mother’s umbilical cord.  There are multiple ways to experience a cord cutting ritual, and it depends on each individual's needs.  No two ceremonies are alike.



If you have just moved into a new house, apartment, condo or wherever you call home and want to release some of the stagnant or blocked energy and bring in your new energy, I can help with a clearing and/or blessing.  Or if you have lived in your home for years and you feel energy lingering that you no longer want, I can help facilitate the clearing of the space and assist in creating a more inviting home for you and all who visit.  You may not know how to define it.  It may not be something you can put into words.  It may be a feeling you have - that feeling is real.  A home clearing or blessing can bring more positive energy into your home or place of business!


A Life Alive can customize any ceremony and ritual to meet your needs; such as funerals/life celebrations, coming of age ceremonies and other important rites of passage.  Based on your needs and preferences, this is something we can discuss together so that we can co-create a meaningful and transformational experiance.